“Some people look at beautiful places, others make a place beautiful.”


Turn-key projects within deadline and budget. Tailored to the unique personality of a house, garden and owner. Every space needs inspiration and that’s exactly what our stylists and project managers are skilled at. With the help of our Customer Care, we consistently deliver stress-free interior design projects. Implementing a turn-key project is multi-faceted and complex. On an emotional (design, feeling, atmosphere, appearance) as well as a rational level (budget, planning, implementation, communication), we try to keep surprises to the minimum. We listen, design, execute and deliver your turn-key project with as little impact as possible.


Do you have a second home on the coast, in the Ardennes or somewhere in France or Spain? Or maybe you have plans to buy another property as a holiday home or as an investment? Studio DP will be happy to assist you. From plan to sketch. From 3D visualization to the final turn-key project. We design, create and deliver all over Europe. With Belgian products and the Belgian quality label. Full-service for your home abroad.


Working from home or coming home to the office? As the lines between living and working environments are becoming increasingly blurred, we expect more and more from our workplace. A soul for every space, but certainly also for your workspace, your desk, your office. To stimulate creativity, increase productivity or facilitate collaboration and dialogue. Our interior designers turn your workplace into a second home.


Rather than have a narrow mindset, we look at all the beautiful things the world has to offer. Just as designers are inspired by everything around them, so are we. This enables us to create a contemporary and future-oriented, cosy nest for our customers.


As a human being, you are our top priority. What inspires you as a customer? What do you really want to do and experience? What gives you peace, energy and positivity. Together, we look for the essence of home and garden, viewing it like a holistic experience. Be inspired.

Down to the smallest details

For many years, care has been at the forefront of Studio DP. And it’s not limited to the design: each creation is carefully executed and we offer additional services to take away all your worries. We are not intruders but guests in your home. This explains why wanting to get every single detail right is in our DNA.