"Some people look at beautiful places, others make a place beautiful."

Window furnishings

Is it time to change the curtains in the sitting area? Or do you need a blackout system to guarantee a good night’s sleep? Looking for suitable sun protection for a brand-new building or house? You can choose from a very broad range of solutions to create the right atmosphere for your home or workplace while ensuring the necessary privacy.

Paint work

Each colour defines a different mood. It may be ‘plain’ white or come in thousands of other hues. Boss Paints are known for their superior quality and wide range of applications. It’s also possible to ‘pimp’ the paint by using one of the many decorative painting techniques. Our team of painters has the necessary know-how to execute flawless paint projects at your home or work environment.

Carpet & floor coverings

Tapijt is niet alleen de zachtste maar ook de warmste oplossing als vloerbekleding in je interieur. In wol of in combinatie met linnen of bamboe. Of in zachte synthetische materialen of natuurijke vezels zoals jute. Merken o.a. Jov, Ora Pro Nobis, Jab, Tarkett,…

Andere mogelijkheden van vloerbekleding zijn vinyl, al dan niet gewoven, en linoleum. Merken o.a. Ntgrate, Moduleo, Forbo,… Laminaat en vooral parket straalt met zijn houtstructuur niet alleen warmte maar ook klasse en sfeer uit. De houten vloeren van Belgiqa zijn 100% Belgisch vakmanschap.

Wallpaper & wall coverings

They are atmosphere creators for the walls! For an entire room or as an accent wall combined with matching paint colours. Various combinations are possible, drawing inspiration from a wide range of wallpaper catalogues in an extensive palette of colours, textures and prints. Brands include Arte, Elitis, Khroma, Casamance…