“From 3D concept to complete project implementation, the creation of your new workspace”


Working from home or coming home to the office? As the lines between living and working environments are becoming increasingly blurred, we expect more and more from our workplace. A soul for every space, but certainly also for your workspace, your desk, your office. To stimulate creativity, increase productivity or facilitate collaboration and dialogue. Our interior designers turn your workplace into a second home.



Every workspace tells a unique story. The design of your office can be seamlessly tailored to the identity and values of your company. We help you convert your culture and DNA into interior design. To give individuality a space: your team thinks it’s important for everyone to express their own identity at their workplace. A pleasant, comfortable and inspiring workplace ensures that your employees enjoy their work more. Furnishing an office or workspace always starts with a visit to the site or location and an introduction to the corporate culture and team.



Large, open office spaces stimulate your corporate culture and solidarity, ensuring that your employees feel more included and involved in the organisation and the team. There is a downside, however: employees feel more stress, lose focus and motivation. At Studio DP we look for the optimal balance between individuality, corporate identity and productivity. A balancing act between a beautiful setting to receive customers and a warm, welcoming environment in which to harness your team’s full potential.



Employees are happier and more productive in a healthy and inspiring work environment. Naturally, every employer wants to increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism. We can achieve this by, for example, tailoring the design and lay-out of your office, dining area, meeting room or reception area to your team and corporate culture. Light, sound, insulation, decorative objects and floor coverings create a pleasant climate at the workplace.



An inspiring office space boosts creativity and productivity among employees. We pay attention to the balance between lots of natural light and warm window furnishings. We look for the right ergonomic office furniture to match the style of your interior design and your branding and identity.